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Website Publish date, April 2013

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Annie Katsura Rollins

I work as a puppet and theatre creator based in Montreal, Canada. In 2010, I received my MFA in Theatre Design from the University of Minnesota with a self-driven emphasis in puppetry and was then awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to research Chinese shadow puppetry. In 2013, I began an Interdisciplinary PhD at Concordia University in Montreal to further my apprenticeship, stewardship and research into this incredible art form. 

In addition to my work as Chinese shadow puppet researcher, I often teach, lecture and consult. Recently, I was honored to present and/or collaborate at the Ballard Institute of Puppetry, Droomtheatre in the Netherlands and Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts.​ Follow this link for more information about my work. 


All the photos on this website were taken by the author but are courtesy of the artists themselves and following museums & collections:


Chengdu Shadow Puppet Museum

The Yutian Wenhua Shadow Puppet Museum in Huaxian and Xi'an

The Sichuan University Museum

The Sichuan Provincial Museum


The Lu Family Collection

Master Qin's Personal Works

Changsha Shadow Troupes Personal Works

Master Wang Tianwen Personal Works


If you have further questions, feedback or comments, please contact me here.  I do my best to get back to everyone.  Thanks!

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This website was made possible with start-up funding from:

The Walter and Mary Warpeha Family

The Chinese Heritage Foundation @

The US-China Peoples Friendship Association - Minnesota Chapter @

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