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Introduction to Chinese Shadow Puppetry
Do-It-Yourself Projects



If you're an educator, a cultural agent or simply an enthusiast, it can be frustrating to find ways to present Chinese shadow puppetry to others or recreate it for yourself. Where would one get the special translucent leather, the cutting tools and the 10 years of dedicated study to master the craft? 

Here, I've adapted Chinese shadow puppetry into simpler activities for you: paper Chinese shadow puppets, a clear plastic Chinese shadow puppet option for those of you who are more ambitious and even some information about how to make your own screen and which light sources work best. 

If you are confused about any of the processes, just check out these videos for demonstrations. Or, don't hesitate to contact me through the about page and ask me your questions. 

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Paper Chinese Shadow Puppet Templates

Plastic Chinese Shadow Puppets 

Light Sources and Projection Surfaces (screens)

DIY Demonstration Videos




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