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Chinese shadow puppetry continues on today because of a special group of dedicated artists who are passionate about its survival against all odds.  I've had the great honor to meet many of the working artists in the form today and would love for you to meet them too.  

Profiled here are an assortment of master performers, troupes, master cutters, painters, scholars and enthusiasts.  This list is by no means exhaustive, but includes the very best.


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The Lu Family Puppet Makers, Hebei Province

Qin Laoshi Puppet Master, Hubei Province

The Tengchong Shadow Puppet Troupe, Yunnan Province

The Tai'an One Man Shadow Tradition, Shandong Province

Wangyan Master Cutter at Yutian Wenhua, Shaanxi Province

For a link to my complete fieldwork blog, click here.

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